My love for photography started in my small hometown outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the time I was about three years old, I begged my parents to let me use their camera (probably a wise decision on their part to deny those requests and give me some disposable cameras instead). As I grew older, my infatuation with taking photos grew as well.  I studied photography throughout high school and college, but that was not the educational path that I pursued. Instead, I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting at Penn State University. It seemed wise to study something that would give me a stable job coming out of school, (right?) and I was lucky enough to receive a job offer with a prestigious accounting firm after graduation.

I worked at that firm for over four years (in addition to earning my CPA) and left a few years ago to explore the creative fulfillment that photography has always given me. I knew immediately that being able to capture the love and joy between a couple for them to cherish for years to come, brought me the fulfillment I was searching for.

I strive to capture the intense feelings and genuine moments between two people that shows how big their love truly is. For me, the authenticity of a moment between you, or with your family and friends, is better than anything else. I want to see you laughing, loving, and just being you. These memories are so important, and I am forever grateful to those that choose me to help document this amazing chapter in their lives. 

As a photographer, I love natural light, authentic moments and adventurous souls. When not behind the camera, I’m forever a Harry Potter superfan and pasta addict. I’m always looking for new people and places to inspire me. I love to travel, other than the fact that it sometimes pulls me away from my wonderful fiancé Mike and our pup Kingsley, the best Great Dane a girl could ask for.